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Planning For The Birth Of Your Baby

While baby’s rarely come when they are expected to, and they sometimes decide to arrive at the worst moment, simple planning steps can help to reduce the rush and confusion that is sometimes accompanied by a baby’s arrival. Planning for the birth of your baby should include preparing your body and mind for the labor, preparing for where the birth is to take place and getting everything you will need together, and making sure that the home and nursery are ready for the baby’s arrival.

Getting Your Body And Mind Ready For Labor

Preparing your body and mental state for the rigors ahead of time will help you, and your baby, to get through the labor process with a minimal amount of stress; you will also recover from your labor in less time and with less pain. Learn as much as you can about what your body will go through during the labor; the more you know the more prepared you will be for the changes that your body experiences during labor. An exercise routine will strengthen your body and keep you in shape for you and your baby’s big day.

Mentally prepare for your labor by learning relaxation techniques that may help during the labor process. For example, positive visualization and breathing techniques are some of the methods you can use to stay focused during your labor.

Know What Type Of Birth You Want, And Where Your Want To Have Your Baby

Most women today have their baby in a hospital, and it is arranged ahead of time with their physician as to which hospital they are going to go to. Some women also opt to have their baby at home, or in a birth center. Wherever you decide to have your baby, plan it ahead of time. Do you want to have your baby naturally, or do you want pain control?

Draw a map to your birthing place, keep it on you at all times, and practice driving the routes at least a few times; stress can do amazing things to our minds, and some frantic new mothers have experienced complete amnesia when they go into labor and forgot where they were suppose to go and how to get there. Take a tour of the place where you are going to give birth, and know where you will need to go upon arrival; this will help to eliminate any confusion for you or your partner on the big day.

Other aspects of your birth should be planned in advance as well. Do you want certain music playing during the birth? If so have a little portable stereo and the music ready to go. Do you want pictures of the birth or video? Are there any people that you want with you when you are in labor? If you will be staying at a hospital, pack a bag with baby necessities that you and your baby will need; do not expect the hospital to provide everything you need. Some of the items you will need are comfortable pajamas, socks, hygienic items, a brush, lotion, diapers, and baby clothes.

Prepare Your Home And Car For Baby’s Arrival

When your baby arrives, you should only need to concentrate on caring for the baby. Trips to the store and grocery shops should not be your main concern. To help reduce post-baby stress, have your home and car ready for the baby a few weeks before the baby’s arrival. You will need a lot of baby clothes, diapers, cleaning cloths, and a comfortable sleeping area for the baby like a crib or bassinette.

Anything that will help to reduce your stress levels when you come home with the baby should be taken into consideration. Try to keep the home clean, place fresh sheets and blankets on the bed, and have a refrigerator and freezer stocked full of easy to prepare meals. If you have animals you may want to arrange to have a pet sitter care for the animals before, and for a period of time after, the birth.

Arrange your ride home before the labor. If you need to take a cab home or someone is picking you up, have the number that you need ready along with the baby car seat. If you are taking your car home, clean the car out, have the car seat already in the car, and bring plenty of light blankets to make the baby as comfortable as possible.

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