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How To Find The Right Childbirth Class For You

Preparing ahead of time for the birth of your childbirth can help your labor experience in a number of ways. Educating yourself about the process of childbirth will give you an extra dose of comfort and confidence during the labor process; you will be able to identify what is happening to your body and why, what stages of labor you are in, and what your baby is going through at the time too.

Learning which type of birth you would like, and how to manage some of the trials and tribulations of labor will give you extra support during labor as well. Childbirth classes will provide you with the information you need to choose which childbirth best suits you, what to do if difficulties arise, how to handle any pain, and other useful tips that will guide you through your labor process. These classes will also provide extra emotional support from other expecting moms that are facing some of the same concerns and apprehensions that you are.

Finding the right childbirth class may take a little time and patience, especially if you are a new mom and you are not sure how you want to address the birth of your child. Start looking as early as possible for a childbirth class, and use some of these considerations as a guide.

  • Will the childbirth class be able to meet your schedule requirements, and is the class held in a location that you can easily get to?
  • Is the childbirth class focused more towards couples or single mothers, and which type of class would suit you best?
  • Are you comfortable in large groups, or do you work better in smaller groups?
  • What are some aspects of the birth of your child that are important to you? How do you envision the birth of your child?

Once you have answered a few of these questions, you can start looking for childbirth classes that meet some of your beginning criteria. If you are completely unsure of what type of class to join, look around and explore. Ask the instructor if you can sit in a class just to observe, and what type of philosophy, if any, the class focuses on.

If you do decide to join a class and it does not work out for you, don’t be shy about ending the class or asking the instructor for recommendations on another class that may suit your needs better; this is the birth of your child, and it is important for you to be as comfortable as possible when you are approaching the time of labor.

Types Of Childbirth Classes

Many childbirth classes are based on certain types of childbirth values, beliefs, and methods. Some classes combine these philosophies, or just teach basic facts on the process of childbirth. In order to help you with your childbirth class decision, here is a brief description of the most popular types of childbirth philosophies.

  • The Dick-Read philosophy, also named the Gamper method, focuses on educating women about the process of childbirth and how best to manage the pain that comes with labor. While this type of childbirth method focuses on the mother, fathers are encouraged to participate in the labor process.
  • The Lamaze childbirth method is one of the more popularly known childbirth philosophies. This type of class focuses on natural childbirth, and encourages women to give birth without medical intervention. The Lamaze philosophy uses breathing exercises to guide women through the labor process, and education to lend women awareness about their labor process.
  • The Bradley method is a childbirth philosophy that is created to assist couples with sharing the labor process. This method, also named the “husband-coached childbirth”, trains the partner of the mother to couch her through her pregnancy; the philosophy of this method is grounded heavily in natural at home childbirths, and does not encourage the use of medical pain relievers during labor.

These are the three most popular types of childbirth classes, but many variations and other methods exist on a smaller scale.

Tips On How To Find The Right Childbirth Class

Once you have discovered that you are pregnant, it is important to start looking right away for a childbirth class that will suit your needs. Begin by talking with your doctor during your prenatal exams; some childbirth classes are offered in hospitals or birthing centers, and your doctor may be able to direct you to the right one.

Talk with coworkers or friends that have taken childbirth classes about their experiences and recommendations. When you find a childbirth class that you are interested in, always check the instructors background. Make sure that your instructor has completed certification for childbirth classes, and ask the instructor if any previous clients can give you a recommendation.

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