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Costs of Having a Baby

Having a baby is a pleasurable experience especially for newly-weds, the baby symbolizes their commitment and love for one another. Although this is so, couples often find it hard to cope with the hardships of pregnancy and parenthood. Not only are these “full-time preoccupations” but they could be financially burdensome as well.

This article does not intend to discourage prospective parents from conceiving a child. It only aims to familiarize couples, prospective parents, and would-be parents with the financial costs associated with having children. Below is a list of financial expenditures from pregnancy to birth announcements:

Medical expenses: One of the significant expense that new parents must save up for is the one that is associated with the medical care for both the mother and the child. The cost of delivery ranges from $5,000 to $8,000 for normal delivery and it can get more expensive for cesarean delivery which can cost up to $12,000. These medical bills can dramatically increase if there are complications affecting the new born baby.

1. Medical care – A U.S. study estimates a total expenditure of $5,000 to $12,000 in pregnancy labor alone. A vaginal delivery will more or less cost $5000 -$9000 while a cesarean delivery could cost as much as $12,000. The sum excludes medications for the mother’s and baby’s health complications. Vaccines and shots are not included as well. Insurance may be of some help but once debts start to accumulate, you will have a much harder time to deal with money problems.

2. Maternity leave – Especially during the second trimester of a woman’s pregnancy, women are discouraged to work and are advised to take a leave of absence. Though insurance can cover up the loss in income, extended leaves may not be accounted for. This holds especially true for mothers who experience complications during their pregnancy.

3. Child care – Some women, after having recovered from pregnancy, decide to go back to work immediately to address financial needs. This would imply hiring a nanny or a permanent helper in the house to look after the child or children.

4. Baby’s nutrition – Newborns often require specific diets that could be more or less expensive especially if the infant has some medical conditions such as allergies that need to be hurdled.

5. Baby’s equipment – We are talking about something as simple as furniture (a.k.a baby’s crib or bed, changing table, rocker, etc.) to something as complex as strollers, prams, pushchairs, baby monitor, and the like which would definitely be costly. However, some baby furniture could be bought in thrift stores and retail shops.

6. Baby’s clothes – Even though you’ve receive a lot of baby’s clothes during your wedding or your baby shower, a child grows fast. Eventually, what used to fit then will no longer be of much use later on and so you will have to invest in baby’s clothes soon after. Moreover, because your baby’s skin is sensitive, it is best that you purchase clothes that are 100% cotton which is safe for sensitive and allergic skin.

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