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Early Signs of Pregnancy

Many women are at least two months if not further along in their pregnancy before they realize that they might be pregnant. This is because all of the early signs of pregnancy can just as easily be signs of something else. Looking for a combination of three or more of the following signs could tell you if you are pregnant.

Late or missed period is one early sign of pregnancy. This is actually the least reliable sign to watch for in trying to determine pregnancy. Many women who are extraordinarily active do not have regular menstrual cycles. Others do not keep accurate records of when their cycle should run. Some women also experience a phenomenon known as implantation bleeding between six and twelve days after they become pregnant. This can resemble a very light menstrual period making it impossible to know if one has been missed.

Swollen and tender breasts are an early sign of pregnancy. Many women also experience similar spells of tenderness in the breasts just before they begin a period. This sign is not conclusive for that reason. One way to determine the difference is by watching for darkening of the areolas. This is the area of skin around the nipples that is already darker than the rest of the breasts.

Nausea, or morning sickness, is a common enough sign during the first three months of a pregnancy. Yet, alone, it could be caused by anything. Also, some women do not experience morning sickness with a pregnancy, or it may happen with one pregnancy and not with another. Cravings for odd food combinations are often interpreted as being a sign of pregnancy. Unfortunately, this can also be a sign that a woman’s body is depleted of a certain nutrient and the craving is for foods that can replenish that nutrient quickly. As stand alone signs of pregnancy, morning sickness and food cravings are not very reliable.

Frequent urination is another sign of pregnancy. The growing fetus places pressure on a woman’s bladder restricting its capacity and causing a woman to have to go to the bathroom more frequently than she normally would. This, too, can be a sign of other problems, including a urinary tract infection.

Any of the signs listed above can be indicators of a pregnancy or they can be indicators of other, more serious health problems. The best way to make a determination concerning whether or not a woman might be pregnant is to watch for some combination of three or more of these signs. Even then, the only sure way to tell is to see a physician and have a blood or urine pregnancy test run. If this test is negative, it would probably be a good idea to have some other tests run to determine what is causing these signs.

Many women do not realize that they are pregnant until they are at least two months along. The main reason is that all of the signs of pregnancy in its early stages could just as easily be caused by other health issues. 

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