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Guide to Closed Adoption

Closed Adopion is a type of adoption process, in which the birth mother has no interaction with the prospective adoptive family.  Neither the birth family nor the adoptive family provide identifying information.  Physical characteristics, as well as medical history are examples of non-identifying information and either party may receive this information. 

Advantages to Closed Adoption for Birth Parents

  • Closed adoption affects each person differently; however, some of the common advantages of closed adoption include:
  • Sense of Closure:  birth mothers have been able to continue their life with more ease and comfort through closure, while birth families have also reported having closure allowing them to enjoy their life.
  • Privacy:  The adoption process has a high degree of sensitivity and vulnerability feelings for birth parents.  Closed adoption provides birth parents more privacy protection.
  • Reduced Fear:  Birth mothers do not have be concerned about being confronted by the child they placed for adoption or having to justify their actions through closed adoption.

Advantages to Closed Adoption for an Adoptive Family

  • Closed adoption affects each family differently; however, some of the common advantages of closed adoption include:
  • Family Freedom:  Once a birth family decides not to be involved, an adoptive family is able to enjoy its family free from visitation restraints and continuous communication.

Advantages to Closed Adoption for Adopted Children

  • Closed adoption affects each child differently; however, some of the common advantages of closed adoption include:
  • Clear and Distinct Boundaries:  Clear boundaries are in place because there is no co-parenting or interference from the birth parent
  • Protection from Less Stable Birth Families:  Closed adoptions protection adopted children from birth parents and families who are unstable or have emotional problems.

Warning for Those Considering an Open Adoption

There is a trend among some to boast about the benefits of open adoption.  These people generally have a vested interest in promoting the practice, however.  We're talking about open adoption agencies and adoption lawyers.  In almost all cases, open adoption is a myth, because once a parent relinquishes their child, they have no legal right in any state to ever see that child. 

If the biological child upsets the parents, or if the adoptive parents never intended for this to be an open adoption, then they are under no obligation to allow contact with the biological parents.  All parental rights are held by the adoptive parents. So if you're considering giving up your child in what is supposed to be an "open adoption," be prepared to agree to abide by whatever standards, whatever rules, whatever whis the adoptive parents set. 

Every adoption has its own unique experience with closed adoption.  Communication is the most imperative aspect for all the parties involved in the closed adoption process.  Communication regarding hopes, desires, goals and aspirations is highly encouraged because this type of communication will facilitate a more comfortable relationship between each party.  An adoption attorney or an adoption agency coordinates this type of communication in a closed adoption.

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