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Prenatal Care For You And The Baby

Prenatal care is an essential component to a healthy baby and a healthy mom, and it is important to begin prenatal care as soon as the pregnancy has been confirmed. Prenatal care can help to diagnose any early health problems that the mother may be developing due to the pregnancy, and will diagnose any problems that the baby may be facing too. Prenatal care is more about visits to the doctor; it is also about eating healthy, reducing stress levels, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Prenatal Care And Your Diet

A healthy diet will allow your body to meet the extra nutritional demands that are needed by a growing baby. Eating lots of fattening and surgery foods during your pregnancy can cause way too much weight gain, increased bouts of morning sickness, gastrointestinal problems, and the onset of gestational diabetes. Eat a nutritionally balanced diet; snack when you need to, but keep the snacks healthy and the sweets and fats to a minimum. A daily prenatal vitamin should be a part of your prenatal care routine from the beginning.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Most new mothers face the challenges of supporting a pregnancy while they are trying to maintain a hectic schedule. The stresses on your body and emotions during a pregnancy, in addition to a hectic schedule, can be detrimental to the health of you and your baby. Try to organize your schedule and cut out any unnecessary chores or errands. Take some time out during your day to stretch and relax, breathe deeply, and let off some steam. If possible join a yoga for pregnant mothers class, or a support group for pregnant woman.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Now that you are growing a new baby, it is especially important that you led a healthy lifestyle. Quit smoking, cut out the alcohol, and reduce your caffeine intake. Begin a regular exercise routine approved by your doctor, and stick with it. Stay away from secondary smoke, and keep yourself out of dangerous situations; your safety is now not only about you, but your baby too.

Begin Prenatal Care With A Doctor As Early As Possible

Common pregnancy problems that can affect you and your baby such as gestational diabetes, Group B strep, bladder infections, preeclampsia, anemia, Rh negative disease, and high blood pressure can easily be diagnosed through early prenatal care. The earlier these problems are identified, the earlier the treatments can begin. Health problems that can be resolved through timely diagnosis early in the pregnancy can develop into serious and even life threatening illnesses for the baby and mother if they are not treated.

Prenatal Tests

From the start of your pregnancy, your doctor will begin to monitor your blood pressure and weight, your baby’s heartbeat, and perform routine physical exams. Your blood and urine may be tested a few times during the pregnancy, and you should have at least one ultrasound. Any additional tests that your doctor may perform, or that you may request, include amniocentesis and tests of the fetal blood from the umbilical cord.

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