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What To Expect When You’re Expecting – Once Again!

So you’ve made it back from the doctor’s office, and the results are in, you’re pregnant again!  Getting ready for that morning sickness?  Or worrying that you’re going to be tired and groggy all of the time?  You’re probably wondering if this pregnancy will be just like the first or if it will be easier, or worse. 

Here’s what to expect for the second time around.

Changes that you may experience in your body:

  1. Morning sickness, you may get it again, or not at all.  This differs with each and every pregnancy and every woman.  Chances are, if you experienced morning sickness the first time around, you might have it again, only less severe this time around. 
  2. You may have a tendency to be more tired.  This is normal and nothing to worry about.  You have another baby or child to take care of, so the pressure of that alone is enough to wear you out.  On top of that, you’re going to feel fatigued being pregnant naturally.  If your back aches, try lying on your side while taking a nap or going to sleep. 
  3. Your belly is going to get bigger, faster.  No need to worry here, as this is also normal.  Feel free to show off that baby bump sooner.  Be proud of it!
  4. If your first labor was really long (and was a vaginal delivery), usually the second time around is a little bit easier.  Think back to your first pregnancy, where you probably had to walk around Labor & Delivery, and then get that out of your head!  It’s not going to be that hard this time around.  Mothers who’ve had their children via Caesarian Section can expect not to have any reduced time over their first labor. 
  5. Contractions while in labor may be a little more harsh and difficult to handle for you.  Don’t be alarmed, this is normal.  Usually the doctor will have little or no issue giving you medications, such as an epidural, to deal with the pain.

What to expect emotionally, for you and your family:

  1. You might have a tendency to not be as self-involved with the pregnancy the second time through.  Mothers who have a child that’s already a toddler or pre-schooler, are usually preoccupied with taking care of that child and less worrisome of the baby growing inside of them. 
  2. Don’t let guilt get the best of you.  Yes, the baby is growing inside of you.  You don’t have to let the baby get all of your attention, especially because you have a toddler running around.  You will experience less natal visits with your doctor, so that gives you ample time to color with your child.
  3. Remember that the decision to tell your oldest child about their impending sibling is usually one that’s made with excitement and love.  You’re expanding your family!  It is recommended that you should tell your firstborn as soon as possible, so that they can ready themselves for the addition to the family.  Tell them that you’re relying on their help for taking care of the new baby.  They need to know that they’re not being excluded from anything and are still loved by both parents.  Make sure they are aware that they are not being replaced by the new baby and that your bigger family will have enough love for both of them.  If changes are needed to be made in the family house to make room for the baby, do it before you’re in the hospital.  If a shuffle takes place, make their new room just as special.

Complications that you may experience:

  1. Weight gain may cause certain complications in second pregnancies.  While it’s normal for a mother to gain 25-30 pounds with a second baby, gaining too much weight during pregnancy, might cause a risk for Toxemia, Pre-eclampsia, or still-birth.  Please consult your doctor with any concerns that you may have.
  2. Pre-eclampsia symtoms include high blood pressure or protein in the urine.  Your doctor can perform these tests to ensure you’re not at risk.  If you experience blurred vision and see spots, relay this information to your OB/GYN.  The more information that they have, the better.
  3. Rh Disease:  If you have a different blood type than your unborn baby, then you might be at risk.  Your doctor will determine that with a blood test.  During pregnancy, a small amount of the baby’s blood stream.  If you’re Rh negative and your baby is Rh positive, you produce antibodies against the Rhesus D antigens on your baby’s red blood cells.  The antigens are able to pass through the placenta and into the fetus, possibly developing into Rh Disease.  Try not to worry, though, this is definitely treatable.  Your doctor may give you a muscular injection during pregnancy or within 72 hours of your baby’s birth.

Good luck with your second pregnancy, you’re going to be a mother again!  Try not to worry as much about the pregnancy and enjoy it.  You’re going to be worried enough when your baby starts walking.  Savor this time now and relax.  Maybe think of joining a Lamaze class or start walking. 

Even if your toddler has you running after him or her, a walk by yourself is always a good time to enjoy being pregnant.  If you have any questions or are worried about anything this time around, your doctor will be able to answer any questions that you may have.  If you have friends that are second-time mothers, like you’ll soon be, pick their brains.  Every woman loves to talk about their pregnancies or births.  Good luck with your new baby!

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