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Are You Unexpectedly Pregnant? Three Choices To Decide

Pregnancy is a time of immense change in a woman’s life. She will be enduring not only physical changes, but social changes as well. For a period of nine months, she would carry a developing human child in her womb and to take care of it after birth. These changes are exactly the reason why so many women have trouble making decision on what they should do when they find themselves unexpectedly pregnant.

There are there options that a woman can make in the event that she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant. Making a choice between the three will depend greatly on the current state that the woman is in. They will depend on whether or not she can take care of the baby and if she will be able to modify her current schedule and have room for the changes in her life.

The three choices are as follows: 1 – The choice to keep the baby, 2 – The choice to give the baby up for adoption once it is born and 3 – the choice to have the pregnancy terminated. Making the right decision is crucial and each will have its own effect on the lives of those involved. Here’s an in depth discussion:

1 – The Choice to Keep the Baby

If the woman is already financial and emotionally stable or if she has the support system she needs to raise a child, then she would most probably choose to parent the infant herself. This would also depend on whether or not she will have any support from the father of the baby or if marriage is possible. Nonetheless, keeping the baby means that woman and those who are directly involved in the pregnancy will have to make a lot of changes to take care a new dependent life.

2 – The Choice to Give the Baby up for Adoption

This is one of the most common choices when it comes to teen mothers. This is the perfect choice for the woman who doesn’t want to resort to abortion, but at the same time knows that she cannot raise the baby herself whether or not she has a support system. With this choice, the woman can decide whether or not be an active part in choosing her baby’s adoptive parents. When making this decision, the woman must try and keep as detached from her infant as much as possible as most adoption agencies take the baby away as soon as it is born to avoid having the mother change her mind.

3 – The Choice to Terminate the Pregnancy

This is often the choice made by women who know that they will not be able to raise the baby and that carrying it for a period of nine months is not an option.  This is the quickest and sometimes the most emotionally draining and stressful way of dealing with an unexpected pregnancy. It must be understood that a woman has to be emotionallyand mentally ready before she decides to terminate the pregnancy. Some women who choose to terminate the pregnancy suffer from emotional and psychological issues because they are not fully ready to face the decision that they had made.

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